8. Thank You Email After The Interview - Learn This #1 Trick To Double Your Chances ?


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Published on 03 September, 2020
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Learn the best way to send a thank you letter from a PwC Consulting Manager and increase your chances significantly.

You will learn the real ways to achieving a career with multinational companies.

Sending a thank you email or thank you letter after an interview is very important.

However, a simple thank you email with no added value to anyone may not be as effective. You'd need to put in more efforts in to creating the perfect thank you email which includes what I call "an ethical bribe". Ethical bribe - as negative as it sounds - will help you create reciprocity. It will help you create trust and increase your likeability in the eyes of the hiring manager.

I talk greatly about these concepts in this video and give you examples as to how best you can create a thank you letter after your interview.

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