2. What Are Your Strengths? Learn How To Answer This Job Interview Question ?


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Published on 03 September, 2020
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What are your strengths? How To Answer job interview question what are your strengths? What are your strengths job interview question
If you are prepared well enough, this is one question that you can collect so many points.
I am Deniz Sasal. I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the creator of The Career Mastery. In this video, I will walk you through how to prepare your perfect answer if you stay until the end. Stay tuned.
Essentially, your starting point should be the job description.

Step 1: Take a look at the job description before going to the interview and find out what skills and experiences they are looking for. This should always be the first step. Always start from what is required, then you can look for a match between what is required and what you have.
Step 2: Take a look at the skills and experiences that may be required but not necessarily in the job description. I talk about this a lot in many of my videos. There are so many unwritten requirements that only Hiring Managers know. Most of the time, these unwritten requirements are not even in the job description. This happens a lot of the time when HR prepares the job description without consulting with the hiring manager.
Step 3: Then head over to excel and prepare a list of all those skills and experiences you determined. These should include both written and unwritten requirements.
At Step 4: Go over them and tick those that you think apply to you.
Step 5: Think of examples from your past. Think deep and come up with at least 2 examples your past employment. It could even be from your education.
Step 6: Craft your pitch and practice like crazy. While crafting your pitch and giving examples from the past, there are a couple of important things I need to mention;

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