14. What To Say At The End of A Job Interview? (How To End The Interview) ?


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Published on 03 September, 2020
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What to say at the end of an interview?
How to end the interview?

For quite a while I resisted the idea to shoot a video about this. I just thought it’s common sense. But after hearing all the horrible advice given by some recruitment professionals, I thought I should just shoot a very quick video about this;
Let’s start with What Not To Dos.
Don’t say Is there any reason why you should not hire me. This is something just very awkward. Why would you even say that. Please don’t. Remember this, it’s a competition. The best candidate wins. Even if all of the candidates deserve to get the job, one of them is a better fit than the others. So, the hiring managers like myself will just choose the best candidate. This doesn’t mean the other candidates aren’t worthy of the role.
Number 2: Don’t ask what is the compensation level. It’s too soon. You don’t want to leave an impression that money is your biggest priority. That may just be the case of course understandably. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the kind of first impression you want to leave.
So, what to say then;

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