12. How To Follow Up After An Interview? [Post Interview Follow Up] Learn This #1 Tip ?


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Published on 03 September, 2020
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In this video, I show you how to follow up after an interview. proper ways to follow up after a job interview.

So, one of the common comments I get in my videos, is that should I follow up after an interview or not, or when should I do it…

Should I Just take my time and wait for their response…
Short answer; yes you should. Definitely!
Long answer is coming up.

So, the reason I prefer not to give answers to comments asking about a follow up is because I need to first ask a few questions.
Here are the questions I need you to think about;
1; who did you interview with?
With the HR or Hiring Manager?
2; what’s the seniority of the role you applied to?
Are you a junior hire or an experienced hire.
3; Is being assertive one of the qualities that is desired in the role you interviewed for?

Let’s start with experienced hires.
If you interviewed with HR, then please do follow up. Please do it. Then should I call or email. I guess you can start with a nice follow-up email, then if you get no response give them a call. There is no reason for you to be nervous about this. Think of it this way, you spent a significant amount of your time to attend that interview. That was an investment for you. So, the least the HR can do is to keep you posted of the progress. Whether you are selected or rejected, or the decision-making process is still underway.
If they say they are still considering various candidates including you and haven’t made the decision yet, then ask for a timeline. That’s ok. When should I expect a decision then?
What are you supposed to do, just sit around and wait for a call when her highness feels like getting back to you?
I don’t want to be the one bringing bad news to you but if you are interviewing with HR, the odds are that you’ll lose probably lose that opportunity.

Let’s move on, if you however interviewed with the hiring manager, then it’s a completely different ballgame. Now that means you do actually have a pretty good shot at getting that job! A hiring manager will not waste his time interviewing 100s of candidates. It just won’t happen.

For example, I am a manager with PwC Consulting and there is no way that I will interview more than 5 candidates when we are hiring in our team. Each interview is about 1 hour, so I am investing 5 hours already which is a lot.

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