10. What Questions To Ask In A Job Interview? ?


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Published on 03 September, 2020
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This video also answers the questions of;
what questions to ask in an interview?
what questions to ask at the end of the interview?
What questions to ask the interviewer?

Having some questions to ask in an interview is essential. Remember at the end of the day it’s a dialogue. Shouldn’t be a monologue.
Your job is to make them feel that you are the right candidate for the job. You not only possess the right skills but also the experience.
So, if you consulted with an HR professional they would advise you that you need to show them that you are interested in the job and that’s why you should just ask your questions to show your enthusiasm.
They will advise you that you can ask questions like;
What qualities do your top employers have
Are there opportunities for further training
These are not genuine questions and you should avoid at all cost. You need to look and be genuine.
See, all of these questions are fine. But I have a much better approach. One that will definitely increase your chances to get that job.. Stay tuned.
I am Deniz Sasal, I am a manager with PwC Consulting and the creator of The Career Mastery.
Alright, now let’s talk about my approach and how I would develop really smart questions to increase my chances.
There are essentially 2 scenarios applicable to you. You are either an experienced hire with years of experience or a fresh graduate with limited experience.
If you are an experienced hire, then you are obviously joining the firm to add strong values, solve problems, increase opportunities.
So, the first question you need to ask yourself is this;
- What do you know that the hiring managers may unlikely know which would prove your expertise?
Before going to the interview, study their business model very well. Understand it inside out, and come up with 1 thing which will open hiring manager’s eyes and realize that you know what you are talking about. He understands that he is not dealing with a hopeful wanna-be. You know your shit.
Let’s look at an example now. Let’s say you are a management consultant at a director level. You are interviewing with my employer PwC Consulting for government consulting in Dubai. So, in this scenario your question may be;
One of my contacts from the government recently informed me that the government is considering a change at Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. It will be called Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Future. I heard it’s primary mandate is to prepare UAE for post-oil future. This will be quite interesting isn’t it? Are we already positioned to help the ministry? I would love to be part of that team if that’s the case, or the least introduce my contacts at the Cabinet affairs that we can leverage as subject matter experts.
I think this is a good example.
Let me give you another example. This is a real life example actually. My wife just recently interviewed for UberEats for a business development role. Uber Eats if you are not familiar is, Uber’s solution for restaurant deliveries. So, Uber driver’s delivering foods from restaurants to customers. Anyway, the question we prepared for my wife was something like this;
See, there are essentially 3 categories of restaurants. Category A is fast foods, Category B is Fine dining. You go to fine dining restaurants not necessarily because of food taste but rather for the ambiance. And Category C is a restaurant with very good food regardless of the ambiance they provide. They may be luxury or very casual. Regardless. So, I believe this is the segment you are targeting. Because otherwise, people wouldn’t pay 15 dollars for delivery of a food item that cost 10 dollars or doesn’t taste great. So, people will use UberEats to access those restaurants with amazing and sometimes rare to find food. Can you let me know if I am correct in my understanding so far? Because if that’s the case, and if my understanding is correct then I will be the perfect fit as most of my network and previous clients belong to this Category C restaurants…

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